Books and Authors I Recommend

Rick Bragg: All Over But the Shoutin’. Hands down one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read. The language alone is worth it.

Scott Russell Sanders: anything by him, pretty much. He’s an environmentalist advocate, and his books are creative nonfiction at its best. But his earlier memoirs are absolutely lovely.

Lee Maynard: all of his works. Be aware there is a lot of violence and sex, but the beauty, the sheer craftsmanship of writing—can’t beat Lee.

Ann Pancake: Strange as this Weather Has Been; Me and My Daddy Listen to Bob Marley. Just a stunning writer and person.

Anne Lamott: anything by this amazing, humble, funny woman.


Seeks works by these authors of various genres (in alphabetical order):

Belinda Anderson

Maggie Anderson

Laura Treacy Bentley

Eric Fritzius

Denise Giardina

Marie Manilla 

Irene McKinney

Eliot Parker

Jayne Anne Phillips

S.G. Redling

Carter Seaton

Fran Simone

M. Lynne Squires

Meredith Sue Willis