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Praise for Riding on Comets

Just Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your
book. I did read it on the trip to Cancun and cried when
your Mom died. You writing drew me in. I also felt the
wonder you experienced gazing at the heavens and
exploring nature. I think about a child’s curiosity when I
spend time with my five year old grandson. Somehow,
you recall that aspect of your childhood very clearly.
That seems, to me, a precious gift.

None of us has an ideal childhood from every single
perspective, but out of the imperfections comes our
individual beauty. And, a unique story to tell. You tell
yours beautifully and with respect for human nature.  

Oh my God!
What a great book!  I can relate to some of your stories
so well-especially when you describe sitting on your
grandma’s lap and listening to the sounds from her
chest.  Thank you so much for letting me read it. ~A.S.

Riding on Comets is a memoir about an ultra-sensitive child who
grows up in a working class family in West Virginia. A calm, innocent
beginning soon builds to a wild ride, as Cat appears to  follow in the
footsteps of her family who seemed to her like giants, until loss and
love teach her that life is to be experienced, held on to, and
cherished, despite difficulties and despair.

Told with exquisite sensory detail, with acute empathy and lyricism,
Cat tells her own tale in a family of storytellers, about a different kind
of Appalachia. Not one that is agrarian, but industrial. Not one with
weak women, but against great odds, empowered women. And even
though the men seemed determined to destroy themselves and
others, Cat finds out she can self-empower too, and intuitively
stretches beyond the landscape of dysfunctional to the land of love
and forgiveness.

Short-listed for the
Indefab book of the year
for 2015. A great honor!
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